Casino games in Las Vegas

Casinos are everywhere in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its large casino and hotel complexes located on the Las Vegas Strip. There are only a few hotels that don’t have a casino on ground level. It is basically impossible not to visit a casino during your Las Vegas stay if your hotel is on the Las Vegas Strip. Usually one has to walk through the casino to get to the room or to restaurants. The biggest difference between the various casinos is that the luxury hotels have nicer casinos, fresher environment and often better looking waitresses. The casinos along the Las Vegas Strip usually have the exact same casino games.

Casino rules and things to consider

  • The age limit is 21 on all games and alcohol.
  • All casinos are open 24/7, all year.
  • Drinks are free while you play, read more here.
  • Do not forget to tip the waitresses and dealers.
  • All gambling takes place with the casino’s own chips.
  • Chips can be purchased with cash at the tables. The exchange from chips to cash takes place in the cashier.
  • Casinos have no dress code, more or less anything is accepted.
  • Don’t use your camera inside the casino, especially on active casino games, it’s against the rules.
  • Smoking is allowed in the casinos, fortunately the ventilation is very good. Smoking is prohibited in the poker room.

A lot of money is lost in the casino

Las Vegas is of course a lot about gambling. Nearly 90% of the visitors in Las Vegas gamble at something and the average gambler loses over $500. This makes up for billions of dollars to the casinos every year.

Get the most out of casino games

We have made some simple guides on how to play the most popular casino games to get as much out of the experience as possible. That is, to win as much as possible if you win and lose as little as possible if you lose!

Different casino games

You will find Black jack, roulette and craps in every big casino. Generally, the nicer casino the higher the minimum bet. A common minimum bet is $10. In slots where casinos have a much greater advantage, you can however play with small bets.

  • Black jack, the most common table game where the goal is to get to 21.
  • Craps, the popular and fun dice game where players throw two dices.
  • Roulette, an old and classic game where the goal is to “guess” the correct number (1-36) or color.
  • Baccarat, the Asian favorite. Casinos make a lot of money on Asian high rollers playing this game.
  • Poker is in fact the only game you can win at in the long run. However, you need skills to succeed. If you want to practice on the internet, we recommend poker at [] (download), where the worst players are. Almost every casino has its own poker room with mixed betting limits.
  • Slots, which entire Las Vegas is full of, is probably the most played game.
  • Other games, such as Thee Card Poker, Crazy 4 Poker and Casino War.

The Pleasure Pit casino Planet Hollywood in Las VegasCasino WSOP of poker at Rio Las Vegas

Blackjack at a casino in Las vegas


In the cashier casino chips are changed for cash and vice versa. It is generally considered safe to walk around with a lot of cash inside the casinos but a good tip is to deposit your cash in the casino cashier between gaming sessions, especially if it is larger sums. The first deposit usually takes a few moments because of some papers needed to be signed. For more tips about money, read our article about cash.


Membership cards at the casino and loyalty programs

It is a good idea to get the casino membership card if you intend to gamble at a casino in Las Vegas. Most casinos have different loyalty programs where you get a bonus for the time you play. The bonus money can for example be spent in a restaurant inside the casino area. The more and higher you play, the bigger the bonus. Don’t expect too much, bonuses are usually small, but still worthwhile.

High Limit area

Every casino has a “High Limit” area where high rollers can gamble. The service here is better because the casino is investing heavily for their high rollers to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Craps on casino in Las Vegas
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