Las Vegas blackjack


Blackjack a fairly simple game. You can find the complete rules here []. In short, the dealer and player both get two cards and only one of the dealer’s cards is face-up. The player chooses to stand or hit. Hit means taking another card and it can be done until you are satisfied. The goal is the reach a total value of 21. If the player goes over 21, the bet is lost. It is possible to double down, and then you will get exactly one more card. It is also possible to split your two cards if they have the same value. You will then have two blackjack hands.

Optimal play

The casino advantage is about 0.5% of the bet if you play blackjack according to the basic strategy, see below.
This means that if you bet $100 each hand, you will lose an average of 50 cents per hand. To calculate the average cost of playing, just multiply the number of hands played with the bet size and with 0.5%.


Bob plays 100 hands according to the basic strategy with the minimum bet of $10. On average it will cost him 100 * $10 * 0.5% = $5 to play these 100 hands. It takes about an hour to play 100 hands.

Blackjack basic strategy

Click on the image below, it tells you how to play in every situation. We recommend trying out blackjack at the world’s largest online casino [] before playing in Las Vegas. Bet with play money or real money to learn the game.

Las Vegas blackjack strategy chartLas Vegas Blackjack

Warning of “6 to 5”

Some casinos on the Las Vegas Strip have started with blackjack tables that says "Blackjack pays 6 to 5". Don’t play on these tables! The casino has a much bigger advantage on those.

How to use online casinos

A few years back we made money on using too generous online casino bonuses. Unfortunately, most online casinos realized the problem and stopped. However, hasn’t really learned that lesson yet! If you use the basic strategy above, you will on average make money playing online, as long as you play with a bonus.

Blackjack Las Vegas