Poker games

Most Las Vegas Strip casinos offer a poker room. Nowadays Texas Hold’em No Limit is the most popular game. It is followed by Texas Hold’em Limit which used to be the most popular game and Pot Limit Omaha which is on the rise.


$1/$2 or $1/$3 Texas No Limit, the lowest NL limit offered, is the most common betting limit. It can basically be found in all poker rooms. Another popular game is $3/$6 Texas Limit which can be found in most rooms. You will find higher stakes at the big rooms like Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Venetian and Wynn. They all have at least $2/$5 Texas No Limit. Bellagio offers at least $5/$10 Texas No Limit.

World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker is played at the Rio in the summer. It usually starts in the end of May and ends with the $10,000 Main Event in the beginning of July. During this time, a lot of poker players are in town and Rio offers a massive selection of cash games. It is a must see, more than 200 tables packed in the same space. If you want to catch a glimpse of stars like Phil Ivey, Tom “durrrr” Dwan or Doyle Brunson, go to Rio during these months.

Poker is better in Las Vegas

The rake in Las Vegas is lower than at many other places in the world. The cap is normally $4 and even with a tip of $1-$2, the effective rake is relatively low. The dealers are skilled and the games are therefore often fast-paced.

A few tips

  • Tip the dealer if you win a pot when a flop is dealt. The most common tip is $1 and $2 for bigger pots. Keep in mind: In the long run it will cost you if you always tip when you win small pots and when you only win the blinds.
  • When you play with larger amounts (>$2000), we recommend using the cashier at the casino and keeping your cash there. Partly because many $100-notes takes up volume and partly because the risk of getting robbed obviously increases if you carry a lot of cash. It is possible someone watches you cash out.

Poker room information

Here is more information, partly subjective of course, on the various big poker rooms.

Wynn poker room

Wynn is the nicest poker room! There is a calm setting with a friendly and flexible staff. The waitresses have really hot dresses which is another positive thing! Wynn has 26 tables.

Regular games: $1/$3 No Limit, $2/$5 No Limit and $4/$8 Limit. Higher games such as $5/$10 No Limit and $10/$25 No Limit is sometimes running.

Online: Wynn’s poker room has its own Iphone-app called Wynn poker. It always shows what games are available.

Link: Wynn’s tournaments and other info [].

Aria poker room

has put a lot of effort into their poker room. It is as good as Wynn’s poker room. Aria’s poker room is not as secluded as Wynn’s is, however we think the high stakes section is secluded enough. Also, there are of course advantages of having the poker room clearly visible. Aria has built a special high stakes room, the Ivey Room, where high limit mixed games are played. Aria has 24 tables and the chairs are very comfortable.

Regular games: $1/$3, $2/$5 No Limit and $3/$6 Limit. Often $5/$10 No Limit. Occasionally $1/$3 Pot Limit Omaha or higher.

Online: Aria has an Iphone-app where you can access the poker room Twitter. Twitter link: Aria poker on Twitter [].

Link: Aria’s poker room [].


Venetian expanded its poker room a few years back and now has 39 tables. The general noise is a bit louder here than at our favourite rooms. Still a very good poker room though. The advantage here is that Venetian often have a few tables to choose from at a given limit. We have heard people referring to the Venetian poker room as “$2/$5 heaven”.

Regular games: $1/$2, $2/$5 No Limit. $4/$8 Limit. Sometimes $5/$10 No Limit and different low stakes Omaha games.

Online: Venetian poker on Twitter [].

Link: Venetian poker room []

MGM Grand

MGM Grand has a good poker room, at least for small stakes. In our experience, very good value at $2/$5 No Limit. Here are 32 tables.

Regular games: $1/$2, $2/$5 No Limit. $2/$4, $4/$8 Limit.

Online: MGM Grand poker on Twitter [].

Link: MGM Grand’s poker room []



At Bellagio you find the most famous poker room on the Las Vegas Strip. They have 40 tables on 700 m². This is where you have to play if you want regular high stakes games. Here are two high stakes sections. To play in Bobby’s room, you need at least $20,000 but probably more. Unfortunately, you can’t have Fiji water at the tables and the orange juice wasn’t very good. However, these disadvantages are compensated by their generous attitude with the player’s card. We have had many free fantastic meals here by the poker table.

Regular games: $1/$2, $2/$5, $5/10, $10/$20/$40 No Limit. $4/$8, $10/$20, $20/$40 Limit. Sometimes higher games.

Online: Bellagio poker on Twitter [].

Link: Bellagio’s poker room []

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