Las Vegas Wedding

Many alternatives

Las Vegas is known for its wedding chapels. It is easy, fast and cheap to get a marriage license. It only takes a few minutes after you have filled in a form and payed $60. You can get a license until midnight. About 100,000 couples are being wed here every year. It’s possible to get married on the Strip, outdoors with a beautiful landscape or in a local chapel.


Most weddings take place on the Las Vegas Strip. Almost all of the resorts have nice chapels. The chapels have different themes like Hawaiian, fairy tales, Star trek, Elvis, pirates and so on. The hotels have many nice restaurants and locales for the wedding party.

Most weddings on the weekend

The number of weddings is usually much higher on the weekend and it’s likely that you will see a bridal couple. It is also very common to have a bachelor party or a bridal shower in Las Vegas.

Don’t do like Britney Spears

Try to be more careful than Britney Spears was when she visited Las Vegas in 2004. She spontaneously married her childhood friend at the age of 22. The wedding lasted for 55 hours, hardly the first spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas.
Wedding packages.

Wedding information

  • Apply for a marriage license at: 201 East Clark Avenue, Las Vegas []. You can fill in the forms online too but both parties have to be present with IDs when the license is issued.
  • Age limit is 18 years. 16- and 17-year olds need their parents’ permission.
  • Americans must be able to verify their Social Security Number.
  • Fee: $60.

For more information go to Clark County’s marriage license website [].

Wedding Mandalay Bay in Las VegasBellagio wedding in Las Vegas


There is a very large selection of chapels in Las Vegas. We have chosen three popular ones and you’ll find some information on them below.

The Little White Wedding Chapel

This is one of the most famous wedding chapels on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s been around since 1951 and it got known for its Drive-Thru-tunnel when they opened. More than 800,000 couples have got married here and among them celebrities like Britney Spears, Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan. The chapel can be seen in Friends, episode: The One in Vegas (Final episode of season 5).


Little Chapel of the Flowers

Known as one of Las Vegas most beautiful and elegant wedding chapels. It was appointed “Best wedding chapels in Las Vegas” in the Las Vegas Journal Poll. There are five different chapels to choose from, with three indoors. The largest one has room for 70 guests.


Graceland Wedding Chapel

This chapel is on the Strip and has been there for 50 years. Many famous musicians have gotten married here, such as Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Ray Cyrus. The chapel offers several different traditional wedding packages with a price range between $200-$500. Flowers, photos, video and more are included. Graceland was the first chapel to offer an Elvis theme and it is still there. For those of you who can’t get all your friends to Las Vegas, this chapel offers to broadcast the wedding online.


The Little Chapel of the Flowers i Las VegasGraceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas