Marquee – The Cosmopolitan

Marquee nightclub

The Cosmopolitan, a new five-star hotel in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, now has a very popular nightclub called Marquee. It is a large nightclub with many dance floors. One of the dance floors are located outdoors on a large terrace, with a great view. The club is open at weekends and every other Monday. It is probably the toughest nightclub in Las Vegas when it comes to the dress code and groups with only guys. If you are four or more guys only in a group, divide the group into smaller groups to avoid being refused.

Opening hours

Marquee is open Fridays 9.30 pm – 5 am, Saturdays 9 pm- 5 am, Mondays (every other) and Thursdays 10 pm – 5 am

Marquee at The Cosmopolitan []

     A short and well-made video presentation of the Marquee in Las Vegas.



Marquee Cosmopolitan