Nightlife information and tips

When should you go to the nightclubs?

It depends a lot on where you want to go and what day in the week it is. The clubs open at 10 pm. If you aren’t on the guest list or if you don’t want a VIP-table, we recommend to be at the club at 10-10.30 pm. If the city is crowded on a Saturday, there might be a line to the club even before it has opened. When the nightclubs start to get full, it will be easier for girls to get in.

Dress code

Men should wear a polo shirt or a shirt, long pants with no holes and party shoes. Preferably dark shoes without white edges och no sneakers. The clubs aren’t very specific on girl dress codes, girls usually have some sort of dress. Girls are allowed to wear flip-flops if they look proper. The nicer and the more popular a club is, the tougher dress code.

Guest list

It’s a smart move to put yourself and your group on the guest list if you know what night club you want to go to.
Sometimes it the entry fee will be cheaper or even free. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to stand in the general admission-line. Call the nightclub to be on the guest list. Groups with at least as many girls as guys almost never have a problem. Larger groups with only guys might be a problem at certain clubs. Try dividing yourself into groups of two or three and see if that works. Many nightclubs have a representative at the casino floor during the day, especially at weekends. They can put you on the guest list and give you VIP-coupons.


Nightclubs often share so-called VIP-coupons at the casino floor during the day, the coupons give you reduced entry fee for guys and free entry for girls. They work until midnight. If you see someone on the Strip that hands at these coupons, take a few of the ones you are interested in, but expect that they require a tip of a few dollars.


If you want to skip the line completely and be treated like a VIP, get a VIP-table. Do get one; you need to buy at least one bottle of liquor, which costs about $450-$500 plus tax and gratuity. Tax and gratuity are usually already included in the bill when you get it.

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