KÀ – Cirque du Soleil

Best show on Las Vegas strip

We have seen KÀ two times each and it is a truly fantastic show that we recommend with all our heart. The show runs at the MGM Grand. Ticket prices range from $90 to $160 depending on seating. Make sure you sit down in the theatre at least half an hour before the performance begins. The artists run around and put on a show before the real who starts.

Unique stage

There is much to say about KÀ, in this case though we believe a video says more than a thousand words. A fun thing to know is that the main stage measures 7.5×15 meters and it weighs 50 tons. It can be lifted with hydraulics up and down 22 meters. It can also be rotated 360 degrees and it can be tilted 100 degrees so that the stage becomes a wall.

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KÀ music

The music to the show is also very good. It is possible to buy the CD in the show shop.

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Las Vegas KA Cirque du Soleil