Las Vegas tips and tricks


It is always good to know how get from one place to the next before your arrival to a new city. If you don’t rent your own car or bring your own, taxi is usually the most convenient way to transport one self. The prices are also affordable. Otherwise, the Las Vegas monorail runs along the east side of the Strip, from MGM Grand in the south to Sahara Station in the north. You can buy one-day or three-day ticket cheaply which is perfect if you plan on going back and forth along the Strip during the day.

Play and get free drinks

Drinks are always free of charge at the casino when you sit down and play. You should, however, tip $1 per drink. So, if you want a drink or a beer basically for free, sit down at the slots with the lowest bet and wait for a cocktail waitress. Usually you can play for one cent per bet. Just insert one dollar and play the minimum bet once in a while and the staff will serve you drinks for free.

mojitodrink at bar Las Vegas.Martini drink Las Vegas strip.

Cheap hotel upgrades

There is a trick called the 20 dollar trick. It is a well known “secret” in Las Vegas and works as follows. Upon check-in, you give the receptionist a $20 tip, and ask for an upgrade and what you want. Common things to ask for are strip view, higher floor or just a nicer room. If possible, the best way to do it is to put the note inside your ID. It often works but of course we cannot guarantee that you will succeed.

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