About cash

Cash is convenient

It’s convenient to use cash in Las Vegas, particularly if you want to gamble. We’ll explain how to handle the cash with respect to costs, convenience and safety.

Use the ATMs

For smaller amounts (<$1500) it is usually best to use your credit card in an ATM. It is cheap and safe. Remember to bring one extra credit card to use if there is a problem with the first card. The ATMs at the casinos often charge $5 for withdrawals; it is usually cheaper or free outside the casinos.

Larger amounts

You should do a wire transfer to the casino you will stay at or play at, if you want to gamble with larger amounts (>$2000). The credit cards often have a limit on what you can withdraw in a certain time span. Contact the hotel and they will help you. If you want to keep your money on the room later, use the safe. Don’t walk outside the casinos with a lot of money on you, instead go to the Cashier and deposit the money there. It may take some time the first time you do it, but when they have all your details it is a pretty fast process.


If you are a foreigner, the credit card company will usually add a 1.5% or a similar fee, of course you should try to get a card without this fee. Despite this fee, it is much cheaper to use this alternative than to go to an exchange bank, either in the U.S. or at home. Use an ATM at the airport when you arrive for pocket money.

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