Batting cage – try baseball in Las Vegas

Cheap activity

Many tours and excursions in Las Vegas cost a bit of money, like Lake Mead, Las Vegas Gun Store and Grand Canyon. Hitting balls in a batting cage is a really fun activity and it is also very cheap.

How it works

You stand in a cage and a machine “throws” baseballs at you. The goal is of course to hit the balls with a baseball bat. Different cages have different settings on the machines, such as speed and spin. You can find good baseball cages at Las Vegas Sport Center, pretty close to the south Las Vegas Strip. The balls are hit out on a big grass field with marking showing how far you hit the ball.

Start slow

If you have never tried this before, we can promise that it’s more difficult than it looks. You won’t hit every ball. The fastest balls travel at 80 mph and the balls are pretty hard so you really don’t want to get hit by one. Do not start in the fastest batting cage!

Prices and map

It only costs $2 to rent a baseball bat and a token for 14 throws is also $2. Opening hours can be found on the link below. Las Vegas Sport Center is located here []. Since it is close to the Las Vegas Strip is doesn’t cost much with a taxi. If you would like to shop the Town Square [] is really close.

Las Vegas Sport Center []



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