Grand Canyon

Created by erosion

Grand Canyon is a 446 kilometers long eroded desert landscape. It is between 500 meters to 30 kilometers wide. The depth also varies a lot; the deepest parts are about 1500 meters deep. Grand Canyon is located east of Las Vegas in northwestern Arizona.

A popular tour

Grand Canyon is by far the most popular excursion from the Las Vegas Strip. The most convenient way to get there is by helicopter. A helicopter ride takes about 45 minutes each way and you land down in the Grand Canyon. It is of course the more expensive alternative and it costs at least $300. It is possible to fly with an airplane as well but then you can’t land inside the canyon. The cheaper alternatives are by car or by bus. That takes at least three hours each way.

World heritage

Since 1979, the Grand Canyon is on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Find more information on their website [].

Grand Canyon official website [].

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