By car to Grand Canyon

All-day tour

Another way to get to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas is by car. On the way you will drive past the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead which are nice stops.
A new bridge called Hoover Dam Bypass, next to Hoover Dam, opened at the end of 2010. It makes the trip by car to Grand Canyon faster than before. However, it still takes at least three hours each way.

Western rim

The western rim is closest to Las Vegas. A trip here is a good all-day day trip. When you arrive there are two good options, except the viewpoints. The bus to the viewpoints cost from 45 dollar and it is mandatory to pay. Then you can add the other things, the most popular is to visit the glass bridge walkway, Grand Canyon Skywalk. The second option is to take a short helicopter trip and land down inside the Grand Canyon and then go for a boat ride. It is cheaper to book a tour from Las Vegas where some of the activities are included.

South Grand Canyon

The south rim is generally viewed as the most beautiful part but it is further away from Las Vegas. It is still the most visited part. Even though it is possible to drive here and back in one day, we recommend staying over one night to get the most out of the experience. The north rim is geographically close to the south rim but it is a completely different route to go there.


  • Grand Canyon’s west rim. (195 KM, 3–3,5 h, Nevada and Arizona)
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  • Grand Canyon’s south rim. (440 KM, about 5h, Nevada and Arizona)
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  • Grand Canyon’s north rim. (435 KM, 5h, Nevada, Arizona and Utah)
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