Grand Canyon helicopter tour

Fast way there

If you want to see the Grand Canyon without sitting in a car the entire day, you should definitely consider a helicopter tour. There are several operators and it costs from $300. The helicopters land at the bottom in the Grand Canyon by the West Rim. Different operators usually land at different spots. The flight goes over Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.

Fly home by sunset

Most helicopter tours fly over the Las Vegas Strip on the way back. It is possible to choose a tour that flies home by the sunset. Then you reach Las Vegas when it is dark. The Las Vegas Strip from the air in darkness is something special! Flying in darkness costs a little bit more.


Usually a picnic when you have landed inside the Grand Canyon is included, sometimes with champagne. The total duration of the tour, door to door, is about four hours. Hotel pick-up is often complimentary and sometimes with a limo.

Three or four passengers

If you don’t fill up a helicopter, three or four persons depending on helicopter type, you will have to share with another group. Also, many operators add a fuel surcharge. Read the small print.

Book a helicopter tour to Grand Canyon here, for the best deal.

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Grand Canyon Helikopter