Lake Mead Marina

The best excursion

One of the best excursions you can do near Las Vegas is to go to Lake Mead and rent a powerboat or jet skis. It is about one hour east from the Las Vegas Strip. So if you don’t have your own car, you have to rent one. If you have enough and can afford it, we recommend renting a jet ski for an hour and then rent a powerboat for the rest of the day. Add wakeboard and/or water-ski equipment to the boat for the best experience!

Water skiing in Lake MeadLake mead, dive from boat

Powerboat and Jet Skis

A powerboat has room for six persons and you can be up to two persons on a jet ski. You don’t need a boat license for either power boat or jet ski. As long as wind isn’t too strong, you can basically go how far away you want. This is very generous conditions.

For the family

For those who don’t enjoy high speeds and water sport, rent the “Family Fun Boat”. It is well suited to just socialize. Bring a picnic, relax and drive by Hoover Dam.


We only recommend this activity during the summer half-year! We have tried a jet skis here in November and we almost froze to death. During the summer, it is usually over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the air and above 80 degrees in the water. Just perfect! Don’t forget to use sunblock.

Hoover Dam

From the Lake Mead Marina you can take your boat or jet ski around a corner and take a look at Hoover Dam really close.

Wakeboard crash at lake meadboat lake meadJetskis at Lake MeadWakeboard at Lake Mead


For wakeboarding, ask for a boat with a “tower” where you can connect the rope to the wakeboard. It’s very difficult to wakeboard if the rope doesn’t have an angle upwards.

Don’t forget the passport, if you’re not an American.


  • Jet ski: $95/h or $450 for an entire day. Gasoline not included.
  • Powerboat: $70/h or $450 for the day. Gasoline not included.
  • Wakeboard/water skis: $10/h or $60 for the day.
  • A deposit of $400 is required. Credit cards accepted.
  • Call them on +1-702-293-1191.
  • Website for renting [].

website [] has more information on Lake Mead.

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