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Try different guns

Do you want to shoot a machine gun? Then you should go to Las Vegas Gun Store. They have an indoor shooting range where you can shoot different guns. They have pistols, shotguns, semi-automatic and fully automatic machine guns. You can pick a package of weapons to shoot or try the various weapons individually. It is a much better deal to choose a package.

Packages to choose from

  • Kids package ($40) for children. (!)
  • Ladies Package ($50). Two pistols.
  • The Gun Store Package ($100). A pistol, a semi-automatic and fully automatic gun.
  • World War II Package ($120). Three guns used during World War II.
  • Coalition Package ($130). Three weapons that are used in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Zombie package ($150). Some guns that can be useful against a zombie.
  • Create your own ($160). Buy it below. Choose three weapons on your own. More ammo for lighter guns.
  • Shoot in the dark ($200). Guns for darkness. Must be reserved.
  • Shoot the wall ($400). Try a lot of guns.

Personal instructor

After choosing a package, you get a personal instructor who will take you to the indoor range. The targets you shoot at are pictures of various terrorists or monsters. Depending on the weapon, you get to shoot 10-50 shots. It is possible to buy extra ammunition. Video recorders and cameras are allowed.

More information

Las Vegas Gun Store is located at 2900 E.Tropicana Las Vegas [].

Las Vegas Gun Store’s website [].


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