Easy to play

Roulette is another old classic casino game. The complete rules can be found here []. Roulette is very easy to learn and the house advantage is constant no matter how you play. The problem is that the house advantage is much bigger than in blackjack. You will lose on average 2.7% on your turnover. That is, say you bet $10, 100 times, you will lose $10*100*2.7% = $27 on average.

American roulette

The calculation above is for European roulette with a single zero. American roulette has two zeros, 0 and 00. This basically doubles the house advantage. Simply, don’t play American roulette!


The payout depends directly on the probability of the event you are betting on. Say you bet on a single number. You will win 1 in 37 times and if you hit the number you will get paid 36 to 1. This means that if you bet $10 on a single number and win, you will get $360, winning $350. If you bet on red or black, you will get paid 1 to 1.

Online casino

We recommend the world’s largest online casino [] if you want to play roulette online. Try it out with play money first.


  • Roulette is simple to learn.
  • You can’t play wrong, the house wins 2.7% of you turnover no matter how you play.
  • The house advantage is much bigger in roulette than in craps and blackjack.
  • Play roulette if you are not comfortable with the other games.

Las Vegas Roulette