Many restaurants

There is an enormous selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs on the Las Vegas Strip. Most of good ones are located inside the hotels. Food quality and the price tag generally have a lot to do with the standard on the hotel and casino. The nicer the hotel, the nicer restaurant. If you want good and expensive food, aim for the luxury hotels.


You should try at least one buffet when you visit the Las Vegas Strip. Las Vegas is known for its massive buffets and most hotels have their own. We recommend the buffet at Aria and the buffet at Planet Hollywood.

Fine dining

Las Vegas features quite a few luxury restaurants. There are 16 restaurants that have earned a place in the Michelin guide book. Joël Robüchon [mgmgrand.com] at the MGM Grand is the only restaurant in Las Vegas with three stars in that guide. To dine in these nice restaurants, it is important to reserve a table ahead of time.

Affordable restaurants

For good low-priced restaurants, take a look at the restaurants located on three and four-star hotels. There are of course also good restaurants outside the Las Vegas Strip, these are usually more worth the money. Many hotels have a food court where fast food is served. Some spots on the Las Vegas Strip have stand-alone food courts where you’ll find places like Subway, McDonalds, Taco Bell and others.

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